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I don’t want to forget anyone!

So I’m about 2 weeks out from getting my Legendary Staff (From Cata. Yes I’m Behind. Shush) And it’s been a long time in the making! I think I started raiding to get it near February with @Jedsblog and cross realm excitement.  I’ve tried to compile a list of everyone that has come with me on this epic adventure. Nov 17th 10 PM Eastern is when I expect to go to SW and get my stick. The invitation is out there for anyone that wants to come along and watch! Screen Shots will be had and I will write a proper post about [ ... ]

I think I might be crazy

I’m at a place where I’m content with what I’ve done this expansion (Though I’d like to kill H-Blackhorn for the achievement and mount) so most of my time recently has been spent on any character that isn’t level 85. For almost two years, I’ve spent the majority of my WoW time at max level, and mostly on Ashe. What I really enjoy doing is rolling new toons. I’m actually pretty terrible about *actually* leveling them though! I have come to realize that I really like rolling toons on new servers, servers where I have some friends, and would like to [ ... ]

5.0.4 Shadow Priest Rotation / Priority

So we all know that 5.0.4 is launching on the 28th, and that it’s going to bring some big changes to some classes, and some ~meh changes to other. Here’s my look at what’s going down in our Pre-Mists patch. First off, the talents that I chose: 15: Void Tendrils – This tier has 3 different choices for CC. 30:  Body and Soul – For faster running and getting around. Lucky for us, Power: Word Shield doesn’t remove ShadowForm. 45: From Darkness, comes light – Damage from Vampiric Touch has a 15% Chance to cause Mind Spike to 1) Be free, 2) Be Instant [ ... ]

What Cross-Realm Raiding means to me

I know, it’s been months, and months since we have been able to cross-realm raid with people added to our RealID (And now BattleTag) Lists, but recently I’ve really started to think about what a large role it’s played in my WoW life. It started with a website called Some people got together and put up a “Guild” website that anyone who was willing to share their RealID (With just one Raid Leader at a time) could participate in any number of old content raids.  People formed groups to get Ulduar drakes, to form a rotating  system so everyone could [ ... ]

End of Expansion Lull

Here I am, for the first time actually clearing all of the content for an expansion. I got to raid through all three tiers of raids during Cataclysm, and cleared Normal modes for all of them, and Heroic for a few bosses. This is the first time that I’ve ever really experienced the “End of Expansion Lull” I started playing during Wrath, and only actually raided during Icecrown (After everyone else had pretty much cleared it) I find myself only logging on for raid times. Two nights a week (Most times) I raid Dragon Soul with my guild. We’ve managed to [ ... ]

There’s so much to do!

I told myself that If I went selfhosted instead of staying with WordPress, that I would post more often. And.. well it’s been like 2 weeks, and I haven’t posted anything /shame. So, here’s what I’ve been doing recently!  With the Pre-expansion lull, I’m still fidgeting over what sort of things I want to post about. There isn’t really anything new going on in Live.. and I am not playing on the Beta very much. My guild is still raiding. We are not a “hardcore guild” or anything like that, but we have been getting stuff done! from a guild that raids [ ... ]

Alts and Priests.

Today I asked a seemingly simple question on Twitter, “I now have 3 toons at level 24. Which to level. Mage, Shaman, or Warlock?” I got a slew of different answers ranging from “Warlocks are in short supply – you are our only hope!” to “Bah level your mage! Go arcane….you’ll like it”. There were probably 10 different people chiming in with their opinions and it made me begin to think about what I would say if asked a similar question. Would I tell someone to choose a priest? Absolutely! But why? Leveling casters or clothies isn’t that easy. Being a shadow priest [ ... ]
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