About Me

I’m Asherrylie, 22 years old, female, and super fierce.  I love reading, writing, listening to music, playing WoW (obviously), and creating new toons that may or may not ever see the light of day. I play World of Warcraft with my darling Hubby, Penguin (Who you can find here). I have been playing since the end of Wrath (Yes, I’m a TRUE Wrath Baby), I raided some during ICC (Cleared up to Sindragosa with my guild) and have been raiding weekly all throughout Cataclysm.


About the Blog

Theoretically, this blog will be about adventures in all things priest related, along with (hopefully) some leveling guides, and occasionally a DPS guide here or there.  I *only* have 4 priests right now between both the live game and the beta, as I attempt to build leveling guides that people can come look at to explain Talent Choices and good leveling rotations.



Asherrylie: 85 Azuremyst-A
Currently Shadow/AA-Disco but occasionally dabbles in Holy.

Katilea: 85 Azuremyst-A

Treaih: 85 Azuremyst-A
Feral Tank / Restoration

Annmariah: 85 Hydraxis-A

Letha: 85 Hydraxis-A
Blood/Unholy (Mostly retired)

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