I don’t want to forget anyone!

So I’m about 2 weeks out from getting my Legendary Staff (From Cata. Yes I’m Behind. Shush) And it’s been a long time in the making! I think I started raiding to get it near February with @Jedsblog and cross realm excitement.  I’ve tried to compile a list of everyone that has come with me on this epic adventure.

Nov 17th 10 PM Eastern is when I expect to go to SW and get my stick. The invitation is out there for anyone that wants to come along and watch! Screen Shots will be had and I will write a proper post about it at that time!

If I’ve forgotten you please tell me! I do want to give credit where it’s due!. If you have a blog that I can link in the real post, leave it in the comments, Also, if I screwed up your twitter name (I’m good at that!) please correct me so that I have a correct list Post Taregosa!

(This list is in no particular order.)



So let me know what I might be missing!


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  1. Exlucis says:

    It’s Exlucis or @wowexlucis but I really wanted to say congrats and I am super happy for you! Enjoy that awesome mount form 🙂

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