I think I might be crazy

I’m at a place where I’m content with what I’ve done this expansion (Though I’d like to kill H-Blackhorn for the achievement and mount) so most of my time recently has been spent on any character that isn’t level 85. For almost two years, I’ve spent the majority of my WoW time at max level, and mostly on Ashe. What I really enjoy doing is rolling new toons. I’m actually pretty terrible about *actually* leveling them though!

I have come to realize that I really like rolling toons on new servers, servers where I have some friends, and would like to make more. Twitter has fed this addiction, in that I have met a lot of people. Creating characters on new servers means that I get to level without Heirlooms. I might be crazy, or possibly masochistic, I’m not sure which at this point in time.  Of toons that aren’t on Ashe’s server (Azuremyst, with all the heirlooms) I have:
Perlei: Level 80 warlock (She’s locked at 80)
Arlessan: Level 75 DK (Even though I don’t generally like playing meele classes. This toon was created to be a JC on the new server)
Helza: Level 20 Hunter (That I’ll probably never actually play)
Mari: 30 (Ish) Priest (Not the same server as the first three)

I do have a plan of action for some these toons though! Perlei is going to get Herald of the Titans, then she can get un-XP Locked and level to 90. and Mari is my current Work in Progress, as I wanted to see what it was like to level a new priest (Which I’ll hopefully finish my guide for eventually, even though with the leveling process, it seems like leveling guides might not really be needed anymore!)

When I do play on Ashe, it’s only for raiding. Our guild is still trying to progress through Heroic Dragon Soul (10M) and will be doing some more work on H-Blackhorn this week. I also continue to run Firelands every week, to work on my legendary, and help others work through the quests to get theirs. @Jedsblog finished his up sometime this month, and we have quite a few others on various parts of the quest. I have a feeling that I will keep running this raid forever. I still have about 7 weeks of Normal Firelands 10m until I’ll actually be finished, and I’ll continue to run it until all of the great people who helped me out have theirs too. If we could get a 25m together, that would be quicker, but as it is we usually struggle to get the last 1 or 2 people together to pull our raids off.


So yeah, new toons with no heirlooms and *Still* running Firelands? I’d call that crazy

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