5.0.4 Shadow Priest Rotation / Priority

So we all know that 5.0.4 is launching on the 28th, and that it’s going to bring some big changes to some classes, and some ~meh changes to other. Here’s my look at what’s going down in our Pre-Mists patch.

First off, the talents that I chose:

15: Void Tendrils – This tier has 3 different choices for CC.
30:  Body and Soul – For faster running and getting around. Lucky for us, Power: Word Shield doesn’t remove ShadowForm.
45: From Darkness, comes light – Damage from Vampiric Touch has a 15% Chance to cause Mind Spike to 1) Be free, 2) Be Instant and 3) NOT remove dots. Free instant cast spells sound like a pretty good idea to me. PW:Solace Might be another option. Strips off SW: P to do instant damage. We’ll see.
60: Spectral Guise – Invisibility sounds good to me
75: Divine Insight – SW: P Damage has a chance to reset the cooldown on Mind Blast (Granting the possibility of more shadow orbs!) Power Infusion might be a good choice for a boss with well defined burn phases (Think: when Hagara is stunned and takes more damage). Twist of Fate causes more damage sub 20% Health, which I also might try out (I think it depends on how long the sub 20% phases are for each fight.

I should mention the change to shadow orbs. They’re basically Holy Power. You use Mind Blast to get them, and then they can be used to empower Devouring Plague (Which is not a Keep up all the time DoT anymore). Devouring plague’s damage will be based on how many orbs you had when you cast it. You will always use all of the orbs available (So you can’t cast it with only 1 orb, if you have 2)

So, According to the WoW Spells tab, here’s what the priority List looks like

Vampiric Touch – Keep up at all times
Shadow Word: Pain – Keep up at all times
Mind Blast  – Cast on Cooldown
Devouring Plague – Cast when you have 3 shadow orbs
Mind Flay – Cast when there’s nothing left to do.

Because of the talent, From Darkness comes Light, that I chose, I will also be casting Mind Spike when it procs. It will fit Before Mind Flay into the rotation. (Put up DoT’s, use Mind Blast, Use Mind Spike if it procs, Use Mind Flay) Of course YMMV based on if you chose that talent or not. Mind Spike is still a very useful tool by it’s self, to simply remove dots so things don’t die before they’re supposed to (Like the Amalgs on Spine of Deathwing fight)

If you believe that there is something better, a better rotation(Always cast DP with 1 orb?), better talent choices, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll be happy to check it out / share!


**Edit to change a wording error!

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14 Responses
  1. Rob says:

    I’m still toying around with the idea of Shadow Priest as my main for MoP. I really appreciate this article. Keep up the great work.

  2. Steve says:

    I’m still wondering if we should be adding mind spike into our rotations just as the dots are about to expire since its damage is boosted the longer the dots tick. I can see rotations getting a bit complicated if so, but DPS suffering if not.

  3. abigail says:

    love the article , i havnt had much of a chance to look into spriest rotation yet and will be trying it out tomorrw. I was wondering if you MS/MB with wings and shadowfiend will still be viable for burning tendon until Mop ?

  4. Angie says:

    I like your article. I just have one question. In your spell priority, you listed to cast VT when three orbs are up, but if we’re already keeping it up to begin with, why does this matter? Or did you mean DP when three orbs are up? Other than that, once my computer is done doing what WoW wants atm, I’ll give this a try and see what happens!

  5. çyndil says:

    I was wondering if you could recommend some glyphs? I’m not big on using mind spike, but what others are preferable?

  6. Lucrezzia says:

    Just wondering if the extra ticks from the new mastery will proc the insta cast MB and MS aswell?

    More mastery = more ticks = more procs?

  7. Cassonberry says:

    Went on a DS10 to learn our classes again, and I think a huge nerf on everything is incoming. We wiped on madness because we had TOO much dps.

    SW:Insanity is nice, however I will be changing to the passive talent. SW:I ends up needing to be cast at the most inconvenient times. SW:D is about 10x as powerful (critting for about 200k) make sure to use vampiric embrace on high damage burn phases (zonozz blood) to help out healers quite a bit

    The reset chance seems really low on SW:p’s reset, and so I use twist of fate, but we will see how it goes.

    I went with inner fire (rediclous amounts of armour is great to stay alive) mind flay(useful 30% speed boost with 99% uptime) and mind spike (to do what mind melt used to do. My minors are just cosmetics.

    • Cassonberry says:

      I also forgot to mention that with the new man cap, and insane regen I’ve found that i can spam as much as i want with around 1.2k spirit and still not need my regens. So while int will not give mana total, int (for sp) mastery and crit are our best stats right now imo.

    • Depz says:

      After testing out, and reading other shadow priests opinions as well, I have to say that the improved shadowfiend (Mindbender) and Divine Insight is pretty good. 5% may sound like a small amount, but I can assure you that on most fights it procs quite often which gives me at least 5-15 free mindblast casts per fight, depending on what fight and amount of targets.

  8. apollomiss says:

    I prefer sw: insanity over the mind blast one , big damage at the end of sw:pain b4 reapply…also i like the feathers instead of targeting party members and shielding the feathers can be placed outside of grp and anyone the has to run out can run over the feather and get out and back quickly+ they can be dropped on the run in front of ya

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