What Cross-Realm Raiding means to me

I know, it’s been months, and months since we have been able to cross-realm raid with people added to our RealID (And now BattleTag) Lists, but recently I’ve really started to think about what a large role it’s played in my WoW life.

It started with a website called TwitterlandRaiding.com Some people got together and put up a “Guild” website that anyone who was willing to share their RealID (With just one Raid Leader at a time) could participate in any number of old content raids.  People formed groups to get Ulduar drakes, to form a rotating  system so everyone could get Sarth 3D 25-man drakes, some people go for the fun of being with other people, some go to get achievements, and some go to work on Legendaries.

I started to hang out with people. I’d been mildly active in the Twitter Community (Because I’m a fail blogger! Shhh), and when I heard the buzz about TLR I thought it would be a fun thing to do. I raided some Wrath raids, and had a blast. Then I found a group that was going to work on getting @jedsblog his legendary staff from Firelands. I had about half of my embers at this point, and knew that my guild wasn’t really interested in getting it for me (Though technically someone else was on Embers at this point. but our guild is *very* rarely ever in Firelands anyways). I managed to jump on with this group and become the next in line.  Jed should get his staff sometime this week after getting a chance to kill Ragnaros. I’ve just started my third step, and I’m really excited. Not only am I on my way to a legendary, but I have met 15-20 new people through this group.

After running with Jed for a while, I rolled a toon in his guild (On the very low-pop US-Ursin), and have made even more friends through his guild! It’s the first toon I’d ever successfully leveled on a server that didn’t have one of my “Main toons” on it. Now my warlock is sitting at level 80. The highest I’d ever gotten a Warlock, and without Heirlooms to boot. She’ll stay at 80 for a few more weeks (or so) as a bunch of people get together to try to get the achievement for [Herald of the Titans]

Really, the core of it is that 1) people on sucky realms don’t have to fight each week to get groups going for Firelands, or ICC, or Ulduar for their Achievements, mounts, and/or Legendaries (Except apparently if you’re trying to go back to ICC weekly because no one really wants that 😛 ) and also 2) you don’t have to roll a new toon from scratch, and get it to level cap just so that you can do fun things with new friends that you meet.

Now if only Blizzard would let us raid Dragon Soul cross realm now that it’s been out for 9+ months! 🙂

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  1. Yes, ICC for anything… getting bodies for that is such a chore. /wrists

    Oh well. Sooner or later, we’ll get in there!

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