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5.0.4 Shadow Priest Rotation / Priority

So we all know that 5.0.4 is launching on the 28th, and that it’s going to bring some big changes to some classes, and some ~meh changes to other. Here’s my look at what’s going down in our Pre-Mists patch. First off, the talents that I chose: 15: Void Tendrils – This tier has 3 different choices for CC. 30:  Body and Soul – For faster running and getting around. Lucky for us, Power: Word Shield doesn’t remove ShadowForm. 45: From Darkness, comes light – Damage from Vampiric Touch has a 15% Chance to cause Mind Spike to 1) Be free, 2) Be Instant [ ... ]

What Cross-Realm Raiding means to me

I know, it’s been months, and months since we have been able to cross-realm raid with people added to our RealID (And now BattleTag) Lists, but recently I’ve really started to think about what a large role it’s played in my WoW life. It started with a website called Some people got together and put up a “Guild” website that anyone who was willing to share their RealID (With just one Raid Leader at a time) could participate in any number of old content raids.  People formed groups to get Ulduar drakes, to form a rotating  system so everyone could [ ... ]