There’s so much to do!

I told myself that If I went selfhosted instead of staying with WordPress, that I would post more often. And.. well it’s been like 2 weeks, and I haven’t posted anything /shame.

So, here’s what I’ve been doing recently!  With the Pre-expansion lull, I’m still fidgeting over what sort of things I want to post about. There isn’t really anything new going on in Live.. and I am not playing on the Beta very much.

My guild is still raiding. We are not a “hardcore guild” or anything like that, but we have been getting stuff done! from a guild that raids about 3-6 hours a week (and has the whole patch), we’ve made it 3/8 H In Dragon Soul, and are currently working on Heroic Hagara. It’s been an interesting adventure so far, because I’ve never really been in a guild that is attempting to actually progress through Hardmodes. Ashe has gotten some good gear upgrades on the 3 Heroic bosses we have on “farm” (Well Morchok and Ultraxion are definitely on Farm status, Yor’sahj is still mostly a work in progress, He hasn’t been too bad recently!), but with 5 of the people in our 10 man group on the Pally/Priest/Warlock token, it’ll be a long time coming before I get *all* of the pieces I’m looking for (Note: Dear Blizzard, we don’t really want any more Warrior/Hunter/Shaman tokens please. We only have 1 person in our raid on that token, and he has almost, if not all of the pieces he wants )

I have been working on Loremaster on Ashe. She’s had Cataclysm and Eastern Kingdoms done for a while now, and finished Outlands earlier this week! Now I’m working on Kalimdor, and I have very few quests done there (I think I just finished my 3rd zone.. and I don’t have any zones that are partially complete) so I know that it’ll take a while. I think she has about 500-550 quests left there. Then it’s on to Northrend to finish off, and somehow, I have 600 quests left to do out there (apparently I leveled through Dungeons out there, and didn’t do too much questing). In reality, I could probably wait for Mists to make the achievements accountwide, and I would have most, if not all of it done, but there’s just something about working on it all on Ashe that has me interested enough to keep going.

I loved this quest. Where you go find out about Teron Gorefiend in SMV, then he possesses you. It was a harder quest because of mechanics, but I enjoyed it!


I’ve also been leveling another toon, this time a Death Knight on Ursin-A (I know, a melee toon? Yuck.) I’m super bad at being melee (Unless I’m the tank, and even then, I’m not *that* good), so this is really a learning experience for me. She’s currently level 65, and I’ll probably continue to level her through Dungeons, with the occasional questing (since I’m only DPS, and the queues can be long, depending on the night). I also have a warlock in the 30’s over there, but I think I’m going to wait to level that toon with a friend.

Ashe spends her Saturday Nights in Firelands, to work on her legendary staff. I have about 28% of the items needed to get through the second collection quest, so I still have weeks and weeks left to go. Sometimes we attempt Heroic Modes on 10M, and sometimes we can do it, others we can’t. It’s just dependent on our group makeup, and since I go with TwitterLand Raids, the group always varies.

One of the *interesting* things I’ve been trying to do is solo old raids.
Raids I’ve completely Soloed:

  • Molten Core
  • Magtheradon’s Lair
  • Karazhan

I know I could probably do Ruins of AQ, and possibly BWL (Except the first boss)
I’ve attempted High King Maulgar (in Gruuls) and Hydross (In SSC). Both of those.. kinda kicked my butt.  I think it might be possible for me to do Hydross as Disco, but I don’t ever think about using my atonement spec while I’m trying to solo things. (Heck, I didn’t even want to do it for the Nexus Event for the Legendary Questline. I *did* manage to kill that one as shadow though)

I think that’s it really. I haven’t been playing much of any other Games. I own Diablo 3, but since clearing it in normal mode, I have lost a lot of interest for it. There aren’t really any other games that have interested me recently, but I seem to have enough going on in WoW to keep me busy (Except on Tuesday Mornings!)


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