Cata Shadow Priest level 85 Rotation

You need a basic idea of what you should be doing in raids? Have no fear!

(This is the spec/glyphs that I use the spec doesn’t take any of the PvP talents, and it also doesn’t include Silence)

You’ll need something that watches Buffs, and debuffs. Here is what I look at on my screen (I use NeedToKnow, a very fantastic addon):

Buffs/Debuffs with NeedToKnow

Debuffs on Target:
Vampiric Touch
Shadow Word: Pain
Devouring Plague

Buffs on Self:
Shadow Orbs (stacks to 3)
Empowered Shadow
Dark Evangelism (stacks to 5)

Empowered Shadow is by far the most important thing to look for. It’s granted by Mind Blasting when you have a shadow orb up. It grants 10% increase in damage for all DoT’s (Yes, even Mind Flay and Mind Sear). It lasts for 15 seconds.

First, Apply all three DoT’s (VT, SWP, DP). SWP Will refresh with your use of Mind Flay due to the Pain and Suffering Talent.

You need to get Empowered Shadows up as soon as possible. Mind flay till you get an orb, then use Mind Blast. Use Mind Blast on Cooldown, paying attention to the duration of Empowered Shadows. If it’s about to run out, and you don’t have an orb up, then you have 2 options, keep Mind Flaying till you get an orb (Preferred) or refresh dots so they get the benefit from the ES already up, then MB > MF as usual till an orb procs.

Use Shadowfiend on Cooldown (Or you can save it for Burn Phases like Black Phase for Zon’ozz or burning tendons on Spine), The same with Archangel (But only use it when you have 5 stacks of Dark Archangel) You do want to keep up the Dark Archangel buff up as much as possible, as it gives you a buff (Increases damage done by DoT’s by 2% per stack). If you are an herbalist, use Lifeblood during SF/AA or burn phases.

Note: Shadowfiend has to be out BEFORE Heroism is popped so that it gets the buff. Otherwise, any buffs that you get, it will also get (Haste / SP / etc.)

When your target is below 25% health, then Use Shadow Word: Death. Get the Glyph, and be sure to use it both Times. In my rotation it comes after Mind Blast 2+ orbs, but before MB with 0 or 1 orb.

Advanced Techniques:

Once you have mastered the above (It’s not that hard, I promise!) There are a few other things you’ll want to watch.

Procs: SWP Will auto refresh when you use Mind Flay, so you don’t have to worry about it so much, however VT and DP don’t “update” their spellpower/haste until they are re-casted. Power Torrent, Trinket Procs, Lightweave are things that I watch on my screen, so that I can try to refresh my dots 1) when I first see them and 2) Just as they’re about to end so the rest of the duration of the DoT has increased SP or Haste.

4PT13: There are two parts that are nice about this bonus. When Shadowy Appirations damage a target, then you get 3 orbs! This is nice because sometimes it really sucks to fish for orbs when Empowered Shadow is about to run out, and you’ll occasionally be granted 3 orbs.

Priest Tier 13 Set Bonuses


Then there’s the part where Each time your Shadowfiend hits, you get 3 orbs. Shadowfiend hits every ~1.5 seconds for 15 seconds. The 3 extra orbs for Mind Blast are really nice, but just using it for this reason is almost wasteful! Mind Spike also gets a bonus for Shadow Orbs, so when you cast Shadowfiend, Change your rotation to MS till MB’s off CD> MB  (Rinse, repeat). You’ll get some really good spike damage with this rotation. If you can time Archangel to be off CD when you use Shadowfiend, it will be even better!


Hope this helps some! Let me know if there’s something you’re stuck on 🙂

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