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This is a post full of pictures. In fact, it’s got a lot of pictures. I recently finished gathering my Eternal Embers to advance to the next step in the legendary questline, and I thought I’d share it with you 🙂 Also, It’s pretty spoiler-rific. So if you don’t want to see what happens. You should bow out now. Don’t worry, I won’t be upset.

Back-story (AKA Pictures I didn’t take)
After Killing one of the Molten Giants in the Firelands, a class with a DPS Caster spec is granted a quest titled “A Legendary Engagement”. A Bronze Dragon in Stormwind or Orgrimmar tells you that Anachronos, Heir of Nozdormu, wants to speak with you.

After speaking to Anachronos he shows you a vision of what is in the future for Azeroth due to some sort of event that has been obscured from him. He tells you to gather 25 Eternal Embers from the bosses in Firelands, plus 3 Sands of Time, and he will forge the “Timeless Eye” allowing you to see this event that he cannot.

Anachronos forging Timeless Eye

Timeless Eye is complete

Anachronos forges the Timeless Eye for you. The Dragons have determined that you need to take it to The Nexus, where the event in question has been found to take place. Upon flying into Coldarra (Or Hearthing, or getting summoned), You are thrown into a cutscene.

Flying around in Coldarra. (Dragon PoV)

Something's Moving down there!

WHAT?! Inferior beings in Coldarra! Impossible!

Seeing this coming at you is never a good thing

You get spotted by this awesome looking Dragon, who goes on to tell you that Lesser Beings are not welcome in Coldarra, and that you should leave. Now.

Meeting Tarecgosa

After explaining why you are there, She tells you that you should be glad another of the Blue Dragons didn’t spot you, or else you would possibly be toast before getting the chance to explain yourself. She says to meet her in the Nexus

Which you do.

Tarecgosa in the Nexus

Humanoid form is a lot easier to walk around inside.

Then you have to fight your way through some sentries, and evil interrupting/silencing Mana Hunters (dogs). Tarecgosa tanks the big guys for you, so you can pewpew your lazers as fast as possible and kill the dogs and sentries. After spotting some dragonkin, she freezes you in a block of ice, and tells them that you’re her prisoner. They walk away, you attack another sentry, and this one, seeming to be more intelligent than the last few, runs off to tattle on you.

I thought Iceblock was only for Mages?


You find Tarecgosa being held by 2 sentries, and after picking them off one at a time, she walks with you down a hallway, and sees that there’s a wall in the way. She uses her magical purple/pink Dragon Fire to break down the wall, and tells you to watch her back while she does so. Sometimes, a big demon dog spawns at this point.

Now I really want pink fire.

When the wall is finally broken down, Tarecogsa sees that there are Black Dragonkin in the Nexus, and she’s really confused/probably sort of ticked off. You get to jump across some platforms to get across the rift, then she breathes ice crystals at all the mobs standing on the other side. It’s pretty awesome.

I'm pretty sure Black Dragons aren't allowed in here.

Under-view of the rift and platforms.

Fighting a Dragonkin on the platforms.

I'm Tarecgosa, and yes, I just killed all these dragonkin for you. You're welcome.

Once you get to the platform with the boss Thyrinar, he’ll chain Tarecgosa down, and you’ll have to fight him solo. There’s a lot of running around, and mobs spawn periodically, but if you keep up dots, remember to Psychic Scream/Fear/Root/Ring of Frost the adds to pick them off one by one, it’s totally doable 😀

Shh I didn't get any SS in while killing the boss. I was too busy not getting burninated by bad fire. Here's Tarecgosa before she gets trapped.

She was mostly alright. Isn't it just like the characters of questlines to not help us during the hard parts? Like *cough*Tirion*cough*.

After the boss is dead, you get to look through the Timeless Eye. In this cut scene, you see Arygos talking to Deathwing. Who promises that if made the new Aspect of Magic, that he’ll totally be on Deathwing’s side. (Which is exactly what we wanted, right?)

This... is probably bad.

After the cut scene ends, you get to go chat with Kalecgos at Nordrassil and tell him what you saw in your vision!

Kalecgos totally shows up in Hyjal whenever I'm there now 🙂 It's kind of neat.


Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures! Sorry there weren’t more!


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  1. Elunamkata says:

    That quest line is so fun! I’m still chugging along at the next part at around 300/1000!

    • Asherrylie says:

      This weekend will be my first weekend being able to work on the seething cinders 😀 I’ve been running with some people cross server recently, and the person who was working on Cinders finished his last week! I’m excited for him, and Super excited that I’ll be able to start on mine on Saturday!

  2. Navimie says:

    I never get sick of looking at legendary pics. Sometimes people have a different perspective of something and because I’ll never see it myself, I love to scour all images of it so I can try to pretend I was there too!

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