Day 06 – Your workplace/desk

Husband and I both have a little room at the front of our house where our computers are! I have a student desk that my husband stripped down and modified for me last christmas. It now is missing 2 of its bottom drawers, but in return, My computer tower is housed there! There’s a window in front of my desk, that occasionally has a sleeping kitty in it.

Sorry the picture is kind of terrible, the lighting is all wonky, plus it’s from a phone camera!

My desk needs to be repainted, hence the dark spot in front of the keyboard :P, but I love it! The desk itself was really cramped before my fantastic husband took out the drawers (there’s still 1 left).  Also the lighter color is much more calming than the dark brown it used to be 😀



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  1. Elunamkata says:

    I should do this, except then I’d have to clean off my desk….maybe over the weekend when I do a good clean in the “office” area of the house. I have a massive desk though…at the time I got it, I was going to school full time for accounting, so I kinda figured I’d be needing more space overall. Now, I’m on a temporary leave from school and it seems a little silly…But I still love my desk 🙂

  2. Tharok says:

    If I did this it would just be a picture of a Lazyboy Recliner with a side table next to it. I do all if not all computer related things sitting in it with my massive desktop replacement Laptop. Now that I think about it, I was considering returning to the desktop for all of its gaming prowess and glory, but the loss of my desk would be heartbreaking.

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