Mists – Shadow Priest Leveling Guide Levels 1-10

So you decided to be a priest? I noticed that there aren’t many leveling guides for priests anymore, and while you won’t actually be able to spec into shadow until Level 10, I’ll give you a short overview of things that you’ll *probably* want to know.

Gear – Priests can wear Cloth, and that’s it! Our Primary Stat is Intellect, so don’t pick up anything with Strength or Agility on it if you can help it. They won’t do you any good! This also applies to anything you might see with Dodge or Parry

Weapons – Priests can use 1H Maces, Daggers, Staves, and Wands. If you choose a weapon other than a staff, you’ll want to get an off-hand item to go along with it if you can!

Stats – Here’s a breakdown of all the useful stats for Priests, and what they do.

Intellect: Makes your spells hit harder, and thus causes them to do more damage (or healing)

Haste: Decreases the amount of time it takes you to cast a spell. Also causes Damage over Time (DoT) spells to tick faster.

Hit: This decreases the chance you have to miss at an enemy. (Spiritual Precision, a level 20 passive ability will also allow Spirit to act as hit.)

Critical Strike: Increases the chance that  you will get a critical strike, doing 1.5x the amount of usual damage (0r 2x the amount of healing).

Mastery: Is an important stat, but I’ll talk about it at level 80, which is when you get the chance to use this stat.

On to the fun part, Damage!

Level 1: The only spell you have at this level is Smite, so go ahead and Smite anything that you see. Most things at this level (without heirlooms) will probably take 2 hits to kill.

Level 3: Once you hit level 3, Shadow Word: Pain becomes available. You should pull mobs with Shadow Word: Pain, then finish them off with Smite.

Level 5: At level 5 you learn Power Word: Shield. It is a spell designed for a healer class, but instead of reactionary heals (You heal after you get hurt) It’s a precautionary absorb. Keep this spell on your bars and use it on yourself before charging into a group of mobs, You’ll be glad you did!

Level 7:  At this level, you will learn Flash Heal, Which you *shouldn’t* need, as the speed at which you regenerate health for the first 10 levels is insanely high, make sure it’s somewhere that you’ll be able to use it if you get into a sticky situation. After 10 it may become more useful, but be careful as it has a high mana cost.

Level 9: Inner Fire. This spell is a Buff. It will give you 60% extra armor (so you take less damage from meele hits) and 10% extra spellpower (Heals and damage hit harder) Keep this up at all times.

Once you hit level 10. You’ll be able to choose Shadow Specialization. Upon choosing, you will learn Mind Flay. It’s a channeled spell, which also slows the enemy.

At this point, the easiest way to kill a mob will be to pull with Shadow Word: Pain and then Mind Flay until the target is dead.

Congrats on level 10!


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