Day 05 – Fav. Item In game

Day 05 – Favourite item(s) in-game

This might be expected, but I absolutely love the [Staff of Immaculate Recovery]. When they announced Transmogrification, I knew I wanted to gather all the pieces for the Avatar set, along with the Staff. Imagine my surprise when I looked in my bank, and found the staff hiding there!

I wasn’t lucky enough to raid during the Burning Crusade, so it wasn’t like I saved it for sentimental value, I thought it was pretty, so I kept it after a night of running Black Temple with some friends/guildies. I also wasn’t one of the people who would put on old gear and walk through the cities, RP style. It just wasn’t really my thing. I’m not exactly sure when I got the staff, nor can I tell you the exact reason I kept it. Now, I’m lucky I have, because I occasionally see people on twitter, who are bummed because the staff did not drop during their run. Imagine my luck (I’m pretty sure it dropped the first time I was ever in there).

I am still working on building my Avatar set (I *still* only have the chest piece, and I don’t get to go to BT very often). But, hopefully soon enough, I’ll have it, and be able to transmog my gear into it! I’m pretty excited about that, actually.

I actually have another *newer* favourite item, and that’s Glyph of Shadow. If you haven’t figured this out yet (It took me a week or 2), Blizzard added it the same time that they added in transmogrification. The glyph makes Shadowform look… less shadow-y. This allows Shadow Priests to transmog outfits to their hearts desire, yet still be able to see some of it when they are in shadowform (it also makes mounts look better in shadowform).

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  1. Efithor says:

    I like the glyph of shadow a lot, I always hated the way shadowform made my priest look…

  2. Syp says:

    Welcome to the NBI! Have fun blogging and let us know if you have any questions!

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