Alts and Priests.

Today I asked a seemingly simple question on Twitter, “I now have 3 toons at level 24. Which to level. Mage, Shaman, or Warlock?”

I got a slew of different answers ranging from “Warlocks are in short supply – you are our only hope!” to “Bah level your mage! Go arcane….you’ll like it”. There were probably 10 different people chiming in with their opinions and it made me begin to think about what I would say if asked a similar question. Would I tell someone to choose a priest? Absolutely! But why? Leveling casters or clothies isn’t that easy. Being a shadow priest can be painful at times, complicated at best. Would I want to potentially inflict those troubles on my friends? Not really, but I absolutely love being a priest. I rolled a priest because both of the friends I was playing with when I started WoW were DPS clothies (A mage, and a warlock, and I was a mage) We started dungeoning and eventually raiding, and I realized that we were in desperate need of healers.

As I was presented with the choice of healers, I ended up choosing a priest. The Stereotypical RPG Healer class. Originally, I got her to Redridge in her leveling process, then she stalled. I thought to myself, “Did I really want to go through the pain and hassle of leveling another dps clothie?” Luckily for me, a few weeks after that, Blizzard revamped their LFD system, and I was able to hop right in as a healer, the original intention of rolling Ashe.

Yes, At this point in Ashe’s life (mid 20’s), she was still shadow, but honestly, that didn’t stop me anyways. I healed in dungeons, shadow specced (from the 51 point talent tree) until I hit level 40, when I could respec. I actually got a lot of flak about it in dungeons, but you know what? People didn’t die because I wasn’t specced into a “healer” tree. I loved healing. Level 40 came and went, and I bought my dual spec (for a whopping 1K gold) and I specced into Holy. I leveled Ashe through dungeons most of the way to 80, where she finally got the chance to try out some raid healing with our guild. Sometimes, the fight called for only two healers, and that brought me back to a new place, learning how to be a decent DPS Priest. This was probably the first time I’ve ever really hit the blogs/forums/ect learning how to best play my class. I started to like it, and look at me, here I am loving shadow priesting 🙂

So Why did you roll your current toon? What do you like about your class?

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2 Responses
  1. Ambermist says:

    I was overwhelmed with choices the first time my husband sat me down in front of WoW for the first time. Did I want to be a tank? A healer? A dps? What did dps really even mean, exactly? We talked about it a little, and he suggested a druid.

    I never looked back. I’m attached to her; she’s been my main for 6 years. I also said I’d never go moonkin…oops. 😛

    Glad you found your niche! 😀

  2. Elunamkata says:

    I started out as a hunter and got her to level 70, and started raiding….and was completely bored out of my mind. (mind you this was in the days when a beast master hunter could make a cast sequence macro and hit one key forever).

    I rerolled as a priest on a server with friends and just loved healing..I leveled her “wand spec” (which no longer exists, so mostly holy) in the days before looking for dungeon. However, I’ve since moved on to a druid to meet guild healing needs and have found that I love my resto druid more than anything (though my priest is my 2nd favorite healer still!).

    For me, I have to play the classes to figure out which ones fit me and which don’t. So I have a lot of level 85 characters…and play 3 of them the most…

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