Day 04 – Best WoW Memory

Day 04 – Your best WoW memory

This one’s really hard for me! Thinking back, I would have to say that the first time we’d downed a “current content” boss that we had to work hard on, which was probably Festergut in ICC. Our guild was kind of nooby all the way around, and we didn’t get started in Icecrown Citadel until after the gates had been opened to the Frozen Throne, actually, we didn’t get started raiding *anything* until then.

We were convinced that even though we had “Charity epics” (Tier 9) we needed to get through some old raiding before we tried Icecrown. We did Naxx, and outgeared the content. We tried Ulduar, but we didn’t really have a full 10M team, so bringing in pugs (And getting people to actually want to come) was kind of a nightmare. We managed to progress through ToC pretty easily, and then we hit Icecrown. At that point in time, we had already had some pugs that decided to come with us on a weekly basis, and had  been recruiting, getting some friends to join us, and though we were ready.

We got through the lower spire pretty easily, possibly hitting an enrage timer once or twice (Probably on Deathbringer Saurfang). Then we got to the plagueworks and we had a decently hard time of it. Mind you, we weren’t aiming to be in the “Top” anything, just wanted to kill things for our own satisfaction. I really loved raiding with this guild at times. We did a lot of things that while silly, were a lot of fun, and sometimes, I do miss those days.

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