Day 03 – First Day of WoW

The First Day I ever played WoW was at @SnarkyWarlock’s (Mara’s) apartment. Finals were finishing up, and she was like “Just try it, it won’t hurt”.

Let’s go back a few years. I was always a Nerd in High School. Maybe more of  Geek? I’m not sure. I do know that I didn’t play videogames though. The only game systems we ever had in my house were a Super NES, and an N64, even then, the *only* games that were purchased were ones that my Parents wanted to play. In High School, I would hear people talking about playing “World of Warcraft” and I always thought “Man, not even I am that nerdy/geeky”. That changed right after I graduated when a good friend of mine helped me build a computer for college. I had gotten a decent graphics card, and said friend told me that I needed to have a game on there if I was going to see how good the graphics really were. He brought me over a copy of Oblivion, and I was hooked on RPG games. I had never realized how fun they were until I was almost 19 years old. Crazy, right?

Anyways! Back to my first day. I had been telling Mara that I wasn’t going to get sucked into their game. She convinced me to, and that was December of 2008. I rolled a mage, decided that she would be a fire mage, and went from there. Mara also rolled a Troll (or Orc…) Hunter for me and told me that I should try out different things. Annmariah the Mage was a Human, ready to take on the world.

I mostly leveled with Mara and her Boyfriend (now Husband), and it took me pretty much an entire year to level Ann to 80. (Yeah, a long time, I know, believe me!)

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